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Project Management 

MindGenius can be used to plan and manage your projects, helping you to effectively gather requirements, create visual maps of your project scope and automatically create Gantt chart plans.

Use MindGenius to quickly capture ideas and information during project brainstorming sessions:


  • Can be used as an alternative to white boards & flip charts

  • The visual layout of information encourages interaction and provides clarity

  • Apply to requirements gathering, identifying project risks and problem solving activities.


The MindGenius map structure is ideal for visualising the scope of your projects (WBS):


  • Clearly see and communicate the scope of your project

  • Discover links, gaps and insights that a linear list of tasks can't provide

  • Navigate large projects using the unique map explorer





Automatically create Gantt charts from your MindGenius maps without re-typing any information.


  • Switch to the integrated Gantt view

  • Assign Resources, dates and estimates

  • Sequence the project activities

  • add task dependencies and constraints

  • Identify project Milestones & Critical path

  • Manage under and over allocation of resources

  • MindGenius maps can also be exported to automatically create MS Project or MS Excel plans

Automatically create Project Reports from the data contained in your maps:


  • Project status overview

  • Project milestones

  • Project summaries (% Complete, No. of Tasks, Chart)

  • Tasks report (Completed, Due, Overdue)

  • Critical tasks report

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