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Enterprise Systems.
Do you need new systems or modules 
developed from scratch? 


Leverage the benefits of Web applications making them available to your employees and customers, anytime, anywhere!


Built on the .NET platform allowing custom developed systems to support specific business needs.


Enabling Customers to build mission critical applications and big data solutions on robust technologies utilizing modern development platforms.


We have experience in managing or replacing legacy systems with new technologies to extend their useful life.   If you have challenges with resources or need assistance with troubled projects, then we may be able to get you back on track to meet your deadlines.

Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform has revolutionized the way businesses and organizations can access and use computing resources, enabling scalable, on-demand access to powerful computing infrastructure.


Our team of professionals can enhance a business's agility, efficiency, security, and innovation, while also providing cost savings and other benefits.

On-Site Technical

Intelligent IT outsourcing can deliver clear advantages to your business - as long as you choose the right IT outsourcing partner.


By adhering to Globally accepted best practice standards  such as ITIL and COBIT, we deliver measurable results that add value to your bottom line.


Mobile Workforce management made easy

Your most expensive resource is out there somewhere...  Clients with Mobile workforces need a smart way to manage jobs and tasks on a common platform without huge development costs.


By breaking down the jobs at hand to "step by step" tasks, you can now push these jobs to your employees and gain a meaningful insight into day to day operations.

Systems Rental

Sometimes purchasing a product outright doesn't make sense.  


Azcom offers selected clients Rental options for Equipments and Software solutions.​


For more information please contact us.

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