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Mobile Workforce management made easy


GeoPal cloud and mobile app improves productivity for businesses with mobile workers.


Our mobile workforce management solutions simplify the way you manage your field-based workforce, reduce your costs, and help you increase productivity and cashflow.


With GeoPal you can see the location of your mobile workforce in real time and you can see what jobs they are working on right now.


With visibility of your workers’ availability and location, with your customers and assets on a layered map, you can send the closest available worker to the next job or easily plan your schedule.


Knowing that their job progress and location are being monitored promotes a greater sense of accountability among workers and reduces time theft and overtime. You will also increase vehicle and fuel efficiency by sending the worker closest to the job.


See the location of workers, job status, and reporting data in real-time, providing you with all the information you need to keep your customers informed and satisfied.


With GeoPal, workers create accurate job reports from the field. Every detail from the field, including photos and signatures, is uploaded to the job report, eliminating paper-based processes – leading to quicker invoice generation and improved cashflow.

The PC Job template converts to a Mobile work template automatically.

The coordinator or dispatcher at the office then sends a job request to the Mobile worker

The Mobile user starts working the Job and logging their steps on the phone or tablet.

If the Mobile user needs directions, information is available via the Google mapping service. You can also retrace the route taken.

At the office the coordinator can see the number of jobs per user and their progress. (in progress, open, pending etc)

You can also see the number of jobs per user completed.

You can identify where all the jobs are taking place in a Map view.

For analysis purposes you can view Heat maps which build over time to indicate your business activities.

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