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There are two parts to GeoPal, a website and a mobile application..


The website is used to create mobile forms and workflows, manage assets, track the location of field workers, schedule and dispatch jobs, and to view job reports coming from the field in real-time.


Mobile workers use the GeoPal mobile app to recieve job details, view the location of jobs on a mobile map, capture field information such as photos, signatures, text, etc. and to clock in and out of shifts.


Create Forms

Convert paper forms to fully customizable mobile forms for accurate data capture in the field.

GeoPal’s web-based mobile form creation tool is easy to use, allowing you to convert your paper forms to digital format for any type of data collection using the mobile app, including: entering text and numbers, taking a photo, marking up an image, scanning barcodes or RFID/NFC tags, getting signatures or GPS location, and more.


GeoPal customers have created mobile forms for audits, site surveys, vehicle inspections, risk assessments, work orders, proof of delivery, check lists, patient care plans, and more ...

Map & Locate

Map & Manage Jobs and business assets.  Whether they be people, parts, facilities or equipment.

GeoPal’s map views allow you to see where your jobs, assets, customers, and workers are in real time to get a better view of your business activities.


Track your workers’ locations when they check in and complete the steps for each job, as Geopal records GPS coordinates at regular intervals. Replay the routes taken on the GeoPal website to see clearly where workers and assets have travelled.


Plan & Dispatch

Simple to use interface to schedule and dispatch jobs to mobile workers. Also plan for recurring jobs

Be more efficient and productive! Improved scheduling and communication of jobs to employees’ mobile devices in the field means your business can complete more jobs per day and generate more revenue


Better planning of schedules, with driving directions and route optimization, reduces fuel usage, wear and tear on vehicles, allows workers to arrive at more appointments on time, and enables more jobs to be completed per day – reducing costs and generating more revenue.

Report on Projects

Show value and efficiencies by producing reports on completion of jobs.  BI Reports and Heat Maps.

Create reports in minutes that would have previously taken days to compile from paper using GeoPal’s customizable reporting tools, thus reducing administration costs and time spent on data re-entry.


Customize reports to include the data and formatting you require, and export reports in a variety of formats to suit your business needs, including to MS Excel, PDF, or to an integrated IT system, such as a CRM.

Create your Work Template on a PC

The PC Job template converts to a Mobile work template automatically.

The coordinator or dispatcher at the office then sends a job request to the Mobile worker

The Mobile user starts working the Job and logging their steps on the phone or tablet.

If the Mobile user needs directions, information is available via the Google mapping service. You can also retrace the route taken.

At the office the coordinator can see the number of jobs per user and their progress. (in progress, open, pending etc)

You can also see the number of jobs per user completed.

You can identify where all the jobs are taking place in a Map view.

For analysis purposes you can view Heat maps which build over time to indicate your business activities.

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